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Sheer Draperies equals Sheer Elegance in Dallas

Sheer draperies create a look of sheer elegance if done correctly. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Polyester pocket drapes installed on crummy little rods. Not so! These aren’t your grandma’s sheers. Sheer fabrics are now available in a myriad of choices. Linen, silk, and yes, polyester looks beautiful with embroidery or stripes, or a…

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Dallas Outdoor Drapes and Patio Cushions

With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to turn our attention outdoor drapes.  So much time is spent on our patios, why not make them look as good as your interior?  Outdoor drapes and cushions have noteable differences from those for indoor use.  Unless you have a completely protected patio, you’ll have to deal with fading,

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Current Drapery Trends in Dallas

So what are the current drapery trends in Dallas now, anyways? Here’s a quick overview of what we’re seeing in the world of “window treatments”… Simple panels on decorative drapery rods have been popular for years, and will continue in that direction. Hardware has shifted a little, though. New rods are slimmer (usually iron), with…

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Stunning new pleated drape styles!

Ready for custom made draperies?  Looking for some new ideas?  If you don’t want the same old boring pleated drape styles, call Elegance In Draperies.  We’re always adding innovative designs to make our client’s homes look amazing.  Here are two new pleat styles we LOVE that give you a full drape with that “WOW” factor.…

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Custom Draperies vs Ready-Made Draperies

Why go custom? People often wonder what’s the difference between Custom Draperies vs Ready-Made Draperies. Of course it depends on your retailer, but let’s go over some basics. First, when choosing custom you have endless choices of fabrics, trims & design. You aren’t limited to 15 fabrics and 3 styles. A good decorator will give…

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Decorative Drapery Hardware – Making the best choice

“Which decorative drapery hardware should I choose?” It’s as simple as 1…2…3. 1. What will be the function of your window treatments? Are the drapes stationary? Will you open and close these every day? Will there be multiple layers of window treatments – sheers, drapes, shades? For example, rings do not slide well on twisted…

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Polished Chrome Drapery Hardware trending in Dallas!

If you’re looking for modern drapery hardware, you can’t go wrong with polished chrome.  Polished chrome is one of today’s hottest new metals.  It is ideal for modern or contemporary interiors, but works great in transitional homes as well.  With interiors shifting to a cleaner and fresher look, drapery hardware is right on trend

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