Stunning new pleated drape styles!

Ready for custom made draperies?  Looking for some new ideas?  If you don’t want the same old boring pleated drape styles, call Elegance In Draperies.  We’re always adding innovative designs to make our client’s homes look amazing.  Here are two new pleat styles we LOVE that give you a full drape with that “WOW” factor.

Our “Triple Tack” pleated drape styles allows us to provide a more elaborate pleat, giving it more height than our standard 4” or 6” crinoline.  The pleated section covers approximately 12” vertically!  We have increased the pleated section even longer for larger ceiling heights, keeping proportions balanced.  The pleat detail is best featured with adornments to draw attention to its beauty.  We’ve used both rhinestones and nailheads for our customers.  Covered buttons or small rosettes would be a beautiful addition as well.

Our “Ruched top” drapes are perfect for formal areas and master suites.  This style works best with silks or softly woven fabrics, with just a little bit of body.  Due to the relaxed heading, these drapes will often break on the floor just a touch, adding to the elegant look.

Both styles work best when the drapes are intended to be stationary, as opposed to functional.  Either pleated drape styles can be made with multiple widths of fabric, creating even more drama and luxury that you desire.  These pleated drape styles work equally well in bay windows, or very tall ceilings.  Let us turn new design ideas into a focal point in your home.  Both pleat styles are great options to take standard curtains from boring to stunning!  We would love the opportunity to create the window treatments you’ve been looking for!


Rhinestones adorn this elegant “Triple Tack” style of pleat.


“Ruched” pleats give formal drapes new life, providing a very luxurious look.