Dallas Outdoor Drapes and Patio Cushions

With Summer fast approaching, it’s time to turn our attention outdoor drapes.  So much time is spent on our patios, why not make them look as good as your interior?  Outdoor drapes and cushions have noteable differences from those for indoor use.  Unless you have a completely protected patio, you’ll have to deal with fading, rain and “the elements”.  At Elegance In Draperies we only use outdoor fabrics for all our draperies, cushions and accessories.  Outdoor fabrics are treated with chemicals to resist mold and mildew, and have UV protection to reduce fading.  If you use an indoor fabric for your outdoor treatments, you will notice fading and deterioration within just a few weeks of direct sun.  Indoor fabrics are not made to hold up to the elements – not to mention dirt & staining.  SunBrella fabrics are the most popular brand, with a solid reputation.  Fabrics like SunBrella have a very high resistance to fading, and come clean beautifully – since, of course, you know these drapes will get soiled outdoors!  Outdoor fabrics can get very expensive, so don’t be surprised to find them with a higher price than some of your indoor fabrics.  There are some budget-friendly lines, but you may sacrifice some durability for a lower price.  The hardware you use is equally as important.  Not all metal hardware can be used outdoors.  Unless you have aluminum rods, or powder-coated metal, you will eventually have rust issues.  We make sure all our hardware will hold up to years of use.  The styles of outdoor curtains are just like indoors (pleated, tab-top, rod-pocket, grommet) with the most popular being grommet top panels.  Simple details, like UV inhibiting thread, and latchet tiebacks are what set us apart from our competitors.  For those who prefer screening instead of draperies, we offer retractable screens to cover almost any size patio.  These screens can be motorized, or hand-operated, creating a completely screened in patio.  (A must for Texas summer nights!)  And don’t forget your cushions!  We use the same outdoor fabrics as for draperies, but also use outdoor quick-dry foam.  (No one wants to sit down and get a wet bottom – I’ve done that before!)  Throw pillows, ottomans, table covers… We can create almost anything to complete your outdoor living area.  Take advantage of our experience and expertise – let us cover all your bases in completing your outdoor oasis!


Rod-pocket outdoor drapes add ambiance to any patio!


Grommet top drapes are the most popular style for outdoor use. Retractable screens can block direct sunlight where drapes can’t be used.