Decorative Drapery Hardware – Making the best choice

“Which decorative drapery hardware should I choose?” It’s as simple as 1…2…3.

1. What will be the function of your window treatments? Are the drapes stationary? Will you open and close these every day? Will there be multiple layers of window treatments – sheers, drapes, shades? For example, rings do not slide well on twisted rods. Baton or hand-draw hardware can be difficult with tall curtains. Wide rods need multiple brackets, which may prohibit drapes from closing all the way. Let us help you avoid costly mistakes. Your window treatments should be a pleasure, not a nuisance to everyday life. We can help select the options best suited to your lifestyle.

2. Are there any safety concerns or privacy issues to be addressed? If you have small children, you may want decorative drapery hardware that has built-in safety mechanisms, like the Paris Texas Easy-Pull rod. This rod keeps cords up and away from small children. They are easy to operate and can handle almost any size and weight of draperies. With the elderly, you may want motorization. Just a touch of a button will open and close shades and draperies, allowing them to adjust lighting and outdoor views without getting up or hassling with cords.

3. Selecting the proper diameter, style, and hardware finish is the fun part. Iron? Wood? Specialty finishes? Stain options can be closely matched to your hardwood floors. Painted options include distressed or many custom finishes. Hand-finished choices like Antique Bronze, or Imperial Bronze with Gold, compliment almost any style. For those who need a more contemporary look, brushed nickel and chrome are available – even with crystal accents. For a natural decor, try our bamboo line. And finials? They’re all gorgeous! You’ll certainly find “just” the right one to complete your look. They should reflect the feel and style of the room and other furnishings. They can range from a small finishing detail to a larger heavy statement in the room. What size? The higher your ceiling, the larger your diameter should be. The most common size is a 2” diameter rod. This works well from an 8’ ceiling to around 12’. If your hardware will be more than 12’ from the floor, you may prefer 3” hardware. A larger rod (3”) is a must for two-story ceilings. Other beautiful options are medallion mounts, decorative pole accents, and ornate rings and brackets. Bay windows and arches are no problem. We offer rods that can be curved and shaped to almost any specification.

At Elegance In Draperies, we offer more than 10 different hardware lines – each with their own specialty. We realize every client is different and has their own taste and desires. Let us help you make your windows make a statement!

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