Sheer Draperies equals Sheer Elegance in Dallas

Sheer draperies create a look of sheer elegance if done correctly. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Polyester pocket drapes installed on crummy little rods. Not so! These aren’t your grandma’s sheers. Sheer fabrics are now available in a myriad of choices. Linen, silk, and yes, polyester looks beautiful with embroidery or stripes, or a simple solid when used properly. If used as a stand-alone window treatment, make sure you have beautiful hardware to create a focal point. Whether using a smal black iron rod, or 2″ wood rod with ornate finials, make sure the overall look will create a statement in the room. Sheers are often used to filter light, while still providing some privacy. I love sheers in that they will allow more natural light into a room without the light being too harsh. The top of the drapes may be pleated, gathered, or often hung with clip-rings. The goal is to make sure your sheers are full enough they don’t look skimpy! Sheers can often be added underneath existing draperies. Why not give fresh look to your window treatments? Sheers are very popular now. Don’t overlook this simple design element. Let us help you add a touch of elegance to your windows!