Plantation Shutters – Real wood & Faux wood options

Plantation Shutters – real wood or faux wood?  Are they a good choice for me?

Plantation Shutters an investment in your home, adding value and beauty.  There are features and benefits to every window covering design style, and shutters are a premier way of dressing your windows.

Shutters provide privacy & limited light control.  They will block sun & help reduce fading of your floors & furnishings, but they do not block all the light.  In a bedroom where you want complete darkness, you may want blackout draperies in addition to the shutters.  They are an ideal way to filter light and provide a clean finish to your windows.  They are popular in traditional homes, but can also provide a clean fresh look to transitional and even modern homes.  They provide beautiful curb appeal and project quality in every home.  It is very easy to compliment your shutters with draperies and valances to finish your look.

Our real wood shutters are precision milled for accuracy, and assembled by hand, using double-dowel joinery which increases rigidity and prevents sagging in larger panels.  We use North American Basswood, known for its uniform grain, light weight & resistance to warping.  The wood is hand-selected and kiln-dried to reduce expansion & contraction in weather.  We finish them with lacquer paint, which gives a hard, durable finish & resists yellowing.  Real wood shutters can be painted or stained any color.

Faux wood shutters are made of a composite material.  They are certified flame retardant, which adds peace of mind.  This makes them a great fit for commercial use as well.  Faux wood shutters are available in a limited number of colors & stains, blending beautifully with today’s popular paint colors.

For both real wood & faux wood shutters, louvers are available in 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5”, the most popular being a 3.5” slat.  We offer a new innovative style of shutters with a “wave” slat for a modern look.  We can also install a “hidden tilt” which eliminates the tile bar that runs up the center of your panel.  All shutters can be created to fit around door handles, window arches & even sliding shutter panels for your sliding glass doors!

An exciting addition to our line-up is Aluminum shutters.  They are perfect for your outdoor living area.  They are available in many standard colors, powder-coated for years of worry-free use.  This is an ideal solution for patio areas that face west or south and receive a lot of sun.  It also gives an industrial look to interior spaces as well!

Plantation shutters are an investment in your home.  Make sure the quality and beauty of your shutters will last!  Call us at Elegance In Draperies and let us help guide you through the options & specifics for your new window coverings!


Exterior patio shutters add warmth & privacy. They create a beautiful “privacy screen”!


Crisp, white shutters add beauty and value to your home.


Wood shutters can be stained to match existing woodwork. Arches are beautiful!


Brushed aluminum shutters fit perfectly in an industrial setting. Plantation shutters aren’t just for traditional homes – modern homes look great with them too!